The Pines Craft Retreat
   3301 Viking Blvd. East Bethel, MN 55092                   

                                                  The Pines Craft Retreat   
                                                                 Rental Policies
                     All reservation requests must be requested thru our website 
                                       under  " CONTACT US"  thanks                                   

                     The security / damage deposit it not part of your rental fee's
               The damage /security  deposit will be returned one week from check-out
                                  unless rolled over to another event date.

                         Security / damage deposits are due 10 days from  booking.

                                        Rental Fee's are due 30 days prior event .
                                            Rental fee's will not be refunded if : 
                                           Event Cancellation less than 30 days. 
                            Security / Damage deposit is forfeited if event is canceled
                                              less than 30 days prior event
                      Check-in time, 8 am or later. Check-out time 1 pm

               Also, booking June thru  August for a two night event you 
                                   get a $350.00 
                               Additional Nights are $400.00 per night 
     All bookings and additional bookings must be emailed to web site  on " contact us"
                                           Just fill out the  contact form with your requests .

                                 (on the "CONTACT  US" tab)  It's that simple !!!
                                                         Thank You so much

                   We can't wait to see you and join our family at The Pines

                                                                   Cathy & Mike